Osmed - Territory Of Warfare

Formed back in 2009 and with only an EP of 2015 and a promo of 2017, it was about time for those breakers from Indonesia to release their first full length "Territory Of Warfare". Osmed take their extremity to the path of brutal death metal combined with large doses of slam. To some ears it might sound the other way round but I think that although both genres take a fair shot here, brutal death metal is the base.

A rather large intro and after almost 1:30 minute, the first slammy chords break in. First thing that makes an impression here is the fat and loud production. Crystal clear but on the same time rough as it should be emphasizing on the bass guitar. Maybe the kick drums are a bit way upfront but I think this is something no fan of the genre will mind. Done with the intro and the first half is already underway. Here’s where the cradle of slam/brutal death, leans a bit in favor of the brutal death side of it and stays that way for the rest of the album. Heavy riffs with great chops, followed by a relentless drummer that does not apply many patterns to them but only the appropriate. Blast beats and super-fast double kick drum and this is all it takes. The growler rips his throat exquisitely, adding points to the overall flow of the tracks. Definitely a one-way growler without wanting to add any alternations to his vocals.

Fitting for the genre. The songs proceed and they all follow almost the same pattern. And this is what may some people find a weak spot in the album. Almost all 8 of them (intro and outro are out of the equation) have the same tempo (or if they change they have really small differences) and the songs themselves are based on the same blastbeat and the same double kick drum. 'Warfare Of The Punishment', somewhere in the middle sounds different as it starts slammy than with their typical blast beat as it proceeds it blends in with the rest. The album has a duration of 30 minutes and in its entire length you get the feeling that you hear the same song over and over again. The fans of slam in particular might not find that irritating at all but in my opinion, if Osmed tried to add some more drum pieces to the overall beats (some tom-snare rolls for Pete’s sake… not a constant snare drum for everything) and if they tried to change the tempos from song to song or try a different riff progression, they’d definitely add hella lot more points to the entire outcome. Don’t get me wrong though.

"Territory Of Warfare" is a really nice first effort for a band that has almost a decade in the scene but made their moves really late. Great production and great artwork adding points and this is a nice one for you slamsters to possess and the rest of the death metal freaks out there to give a shot.


1. Intro
2. Antithesis
3. Sanctity Of The Norm
4. Human Case Hatred
5. Rhetoric Of The Struggle
6. Warfare The Punishment
7. Territory Of Warfare
8. Bloodshed
9. Panegyric For Enmity
10. Outro (The Requiem Mass)