Orcrist - We Come In War

The roots of Orcrist is going back to 2000 when Grav (drums) and Bhaal (vocals/guitars) came together and started a black metal band after their death metal band Eld was disbanned. Two years later and two demos richer, both were joined by Lucyfer (bass) and Ghosta (vocals). New releases followed and also line up changes marked a new beginning. Orcrist just released their 4th full length (must admit I don't know the others) "We Come In War". Seven tracks that not only have a primitve recording but also featuring primitive song structures. Orcrist is showing you mid paced tempo (with some sidesteps to faster parts) songs that are raw, in the sense of vocals (rasping) and in guitars (monotonous but hypnotic riffing). The drums on the other hand are simplistic and not creative. And that counts a bit for the whole album. The tunes are good to hear but nothing more. It lacks tension, nihility, grimness and sadness. Understand me right, it is not bad but it is one of the dozen black metal releases.

Written for AEA Zine #16

1. We Come In War
2. From The Fog Enshrouded Desolate Lands
3. Winter Might
4. Mother Of Infernal Night
5. Ode To The Wolf's Torment
6. Breathless
7. The Silence

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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