One Master - The Quiet Eye Of Eternity

Here we go with One Master - and their 4th output since the guys from the USA (Boston, Massachusetts) raised from the ground in 2002. The band has realeased two demo tapes, in 2002 and 2004. In 2006 the black metal amis realeasd the first album called "Forsaking A Dead World".

Their latest output "The Quiet Eye Of Eternity" is, same as all other outputs a self financed cd. The band plays black metal, with some melodic influences and has the origins in true old school black metal. The demonic vocals are nice high screams, sawing and overdriven guitars, and a drum set, which sounds like a boxbord. The overheads are very washy and this completes the whole sound to a sick toilet production. But I've heard this is very true.
On the album are 5 songs of shiftless mid-tempo uninspired black metal. Ok, if someone exactly likes this style of music, you are welcome. There are no indipendent ideas and nearly all of the riffs are well known. Sometimes the band tries to get out of the mid flow, and play some nice (melodic) guitar lines, but the sick drumming is restricting those arrangements.

As said, for fans of straight monotone true black metal this album is fine but for all others nothing more than disturbing background music.

1. Infinite Void
2. The Destroyer (Part 1)
3. The Destroyer (Part 2)
4. The Wanderer
5. Field Of Ruins

Self released
Reviewer: Paul
Jan 11, 2010

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