One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - The Dark Epic

The Dark Epic is a mostly accurate description of the new album from One Man Army And The Undead Quartet. The newest release from the band is a non-stop headlong thrash attack. Production here is dead on, and the writing by the band here is very impressive. There really isn't any standout songs here, they are all pretty damn good. The vocals, delivered unrelentingly by Johan Lindstrand formerly of The Crown, are really the highlight here, through the whole album he is consistently giving it his all and it really pays off.

The Dark Epic is the first i've heard from this band, and it's definitely grabbed my attention enough to warrant checking out their back catalog of releases. If you have the means, I'd absolutely suggest checking out this release, and hopefully these guys will keep up the good work!

1. Stitch
2. The Zombie Syndrome (Of Acid And Man)
3. Inside The Head Of God
4. Sandman Apocalypse
5. The Pleasures Of Slavery
6. Skeletons Of Rose Hall
7. Devil's Harlot
8. Dark Epic
9. How I Love To Kill You
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 1, 2011

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