Okular - Probiotic

Okular come from Oslo, Norway but don't expect the next bunch of evil black metallers with nails,spikes and painted faces. Andreas Aubert (main composer, lyricist and vocalist), Marius Pedersen (guitars/vocals) and Bjorn Erlandssen (drums) are three guys who play impressively good on their instruments and present to the world their debut album (released via Andreas' own label Regenerative Productions) "Probiotic".

The music on this CD is melodic and progressive death metal with lots of technical playing especially concerning the drumming of Bjorn. Besides the two acoustic instrumentals "Tranquility Of The Night" and "Celebration", the tracks in "Probiotic" are powerful mix of melody and aggression. Okular are influenced by the modern currents in the metal scene and elements reminding of Meshuggah, In Flames or even the newschool thrash of Machine Head can be heard in their music.

Unfortunately despite the really high level of musicianship on this album, there is something missing. There isn't a really otstanding track which can be stuck in your mind for days and weeks. The songs are heavy and technical but alas also not really memorable. Maybe the fact that Andreas is the only composer of Okular's music has something to do with it but at some point the tracks start to sound similar to each other. Anyway "Probiotic" is an interesting album and you can check it out but don't expect anything exceptional or unique.

1. Connected In Betrayal
2. Probiotic (For Life)
3. Fuck Your Dignity!
4. Tranquility Of The Night
5. State Of Immediacy
6. Choose To Be Free
7. Flowers Uncared Of
8. Celebration
9. The Most Violent Thing
10.Creativity Or Fear