Ogotay - Eye Of The Last Day

The crushing full length debut from Poland's Ogotay is nothing short of fully fledged Death Metal fury. With a crisp sound, the music here rivals that of mid era Morbid Angel considering its heavy, yet often groove charged approach. Some tracks just feature no mercy at all such as the opening "A Holy Nothingness..." which just takes listeners by storm and leaves little in its wake. The drums show off as the dominant instrument here next to the vocals, and are thankfully varied enough that it doesn't feel like a drum machine is at work (such as on "Earth"). The vocals tend to stick towards the monotone roar but the production makes them clear enough that they can be understood for the most part; no Funeral Doom growling here. Other tracks like "Bloodthirsty Madness" switch the vocals out for more of a regulated scream which sounds completely different from what Otogay usually puts out, but it is a nice change for those who may get bored with the growling.

Other tracks like "End Of The Road" slow down a little bit, but not by much as they continue to keep the groove intact but not let up the ferocious standard of the other tracks or suddenly feel like the album dropped into a boring three riff trick for a bit. "System Disease" is an excellent example of how the constant drumming and chugging riffs play off each other well along with some screaming bits, but it doesn't take away from the speed of the other tracks. Still, with vocal variations like these, the album could have brought a greater impact if they were used on other tracks as well; listeners don't get a break from the growling until about track six. For those who like to have a bit of melody within their Death Metal and not just feel like it is furious drumming all the time, "War Machinery" does a great job at adding some great guitar moments near the end and even makes the drumming sound almost industrial tinged with a thicker beat. At the same time it doesn't shift the focus from the fact that Ogotay is still, and wil continue, to be crushing with Death Metal for a very long time.

  1. A Holy Nothingness...
  2. Naked Lunch
  3. Hate To Religion
  4. End Of The Road
  5. I Am Killing
  6. System Disease
  7. Frantic Laugh
  8. Earth
  9. Bloodthirsty Madness
  10. War Machinery

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 10, 2012
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