Oerjgrinder - Grind My Bitch Up

Jorge, Fred, Ludo and Arnaud are OERJGRINDER, a Belgian grindcore band and when started, there were only two members: Jorge and Arnaud. Their first release was "Parental Advisory Because This Is A Big Shit" (2003, self-released). 5 Years later with their present-day formation, they recorded "Grind My Bitch Up" containing 30 songs in just 33 minutes. In which clashing without forbear with one guitar nipping, the bass and the battery are loading the atmosphere not giving nor one latter of truce while the vocals, one voice throaty and the other violent, vomit about gore and porno topics. This album will have a follow-up in 2008 with "Baraki Dancecore". But with the difference in the sound regarding their previous work. In order to listen anything else of Oerjgrinder, visit them online.

2. Gang Frite
3. Stringulation
4. Tasty Pussy Touch Oozing
5. B.W.I
6. Intimes Zugeständnis
7. Resto Room For Human Creation
8. Dirty Cadaver Feat Spiritual Dissection
9. Bowels Eater
10. Hot Stomac To Intestinal Paradise
11. Sexual Superiority
12. Orgie Of Grinder
13. Fuck Me Hard
14. Harder And Deeper Ft Punished Earth
15. Bitch Industrie
16. Vaginal Blood Cola
17. My Throat Is A Sodomic Weapon
18. Grind From Da Hood Ft Isaac The Ninja
19. Falling In Love With You
20. Vicious NecrAutopsy
21. Grind My Bitch Up
22. Tasty PoRn Ft Then Silence Rose
23. P@I%£
24. Eat Me Alive
25. Ice Crime
26. Godmichet Till The Paradise
27. Pigsty
28. Ganjassassina
29. Neurologikal Decadence
30. No Excuse To Die On The End
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Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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