Obsidian - Emerging

Tech metal that is very reminiscent of Meshuggah and perhaps influenced a little by Opeth, in their album "Emerging," obsidian deliver a true polyrhythmic masterpiece. I hate to use the term "Math rock" because that implies that the band members of Obsidian in their spare time like to work on algebra homework and discuss quadratic formulas during band breaks. Somehow I doubt that just because a band uses complex riffs and time signatures that are varied from the rock 'n' roll standard 4-4 that they need to have a label slapped on them that implies they are a bunch of eggheads.

But if there is such a thing as "Math rock, Obsidian are it, and they get down and dirty and death metal as opposed to some acts of the sub-genre that sound a little more like fusion or acid jazz. The singer on the recording Serge Regoor (who reportedly has now left the band) sings a bit like Andres Sydow of Darkane. The rhythm section of Melle Kramer (drums) and Glen Loupias (bass) is pure mechanical precision and the guitar work is varied between clean and dirty sounds.

Obsidian guitarists Sjaak Kassles and Simon Lawford use a lot of altered scales and arpeggios as are often a characteristic of "Math rock" music and they throw in a few more standard rock guitar licks blended with ascending-descending tremolos that are characteristic of death metal guitar sounds. The whole package is delivered with blazing speed and mind-bending precision, and unlike high school algebra class, this album is anything but boring!!!

1. Footprints
2. Kobalt
3. Dogmatic
4. Vapours
5. Mirrored
6. Time
7. Emerging
8. Tsjuigiri

Self released
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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