Obscene Gesture – Living In Profanity

Obscene Gesture is an old school thash core band and Living In Profanity is their debut album. Directly from Los Angeles this album bring us back to the roots! What can we expect from people with a glorious past or a brilliant present in bands like Agent Steel, Body Count, Steel Prophet or Evildead? Simply nothing less than 21 tracks that will smell of old school 80’s thrash, hardcore and fast & furious punk. The production is perfect for this kind of sound and the work of Rob Hill (producer for a band like Cypress Hill just to give you one name…) is an absolute certainty. Up the middle finger thrashers!

1. Bullets Pays The Bills
2. Tear You Apart
3. Losing My Mind
4. Masters Fall
5. Fallen
6. Crumbs
7. Hand Of Fate
8. Black And Blue Love
9. Enough
10. The End
11. Everything
12. Lovely
13. Warning
14. I Wanna Live
15. Too Far
16. In The Name Of
17. Bring The Blood
18. Pink On The Inside
19. Don’t Matter
20. Killing Kids
21. What You Gonna Do
Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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