Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure

It's been a long 5 years since "Black Death Horizon", but Obliteration's most recent offering, "Cenotaph Obscure" is WELL worth the wait. A killer follow up and step above B.D.H. Coming in at just under 40 minutes, "Cenotaph Obscure" is an onslaught of rage, anger, pace, chaotic time changes, blast beats, d beats, mean riffs, ferocious tremolos, beautifully evil harmonies, dark solos, doom and many other characteristics that make for a solid death metal release.

Paired with Sindre's unique vocal style, as if he's demonically spouting commands to his followers, you can almost feel the dark, cold, barren landscape of a Nordic winter. A well crafted art that the Scandinavians have mastered. Much like their last full length, the opening (and title track) sets an ominous tone that intrigues the listener into discovering what lies ahead. Then in a blink of an eye, the sudden release of speed and fury. 3 songs in, the relentless attack takes a short break with the eerie interlude entitled 'Orb'. 'Orb' leads into the massive 8 min. 'Eldritch Summoning', which quickly became my stand out track.

The 2 songs to follow stay true to form, continuing to have the listener be a human punching bag that begs for the aural attack. The final track, 'Charnel Plains', is a close second to 'Eldritch Summoning', as it opens with more unceasing hellish riffs, pounding drums and vocal aggression. The final moments are somewhat of an exhale as they fade out in an addictive hypnotic gloom. Obliteration continues to make their hometown, that is rich in extreme metal history, proud with another instant classic.


1. Cenotaph Obscure
2. Tumulus Of Ancient Bones
3. Orb
4. Eldritch Summoning
5. Detestation Rite
6. Onto Damnation
7. Charnel Plains