Nymeria - The Art Of Deception

Known to be symphonic death metal, I find this album by this Dutch band to be verging more towards melodic black metal a-la Cradle Of Filth just as they became more commercially notable. I keep on comparing sections of these songs to the "Dust And Her Embrace" era, but hey, someone else may figure something different, this is really not a style I care to rejoice in to be fair!

Formed in 2007 in The Netherlands, this band produce something of an enigma in my mind. If you have tracks named ‘Blasphemy’ and other evil sounding artistic flourishes that include vampires, it’s really watered down by the use of keyboards and doesn’t sound evil at all, but a touch bombastic. But then again, I am not a fan of keyboards anyway. For me personally, its non-plus forgettable, but objectively, I do admit to the well-respected presentation of the music which is well written and the arrangements are competent and enticing, thus achieving an emotive reception. One of the reasons I go for the COF comparisons is the byzantine vocal rasp, its sounds quite similar in my mind to Mr Filth, although admittedly based on initial first impressions. As I delve into a few more renditions I find some of the guitar work quite mesmerizing, especially the solo work on the opening track ‘Blasphemy’, whilst the flow into track after track that surely follows on this relatively short running time release is seamless and plays out almost as a concept. ‘Heart Of The Blackbird’ is a particular heavy track underneath the keyboards and symphony, the stark transition between light and heavy works well and to be fair is emulated consistently throughout the release in its entirety.

For its position in its chosen sub-genre, this works, you need to be one with the style I feel, but from the outside it’s a well written experience mixing almost the good and evil all in one breathe, something I personally don’t hear that much of in these current times.

  1. Blasphemy      
  2. Fate Revealed    
  3. Bloodstained     
  4. The Art Of Deception  
  5. Vampire Manifesto    
  6. Heart Of The Blackbird    
  7. Breathe