Noisear - Turbulent Resurgence

Mowing down the employeed sheep with torrent guns. The sound of tanks crushing bones. This is just some of the imagery created on Noisear's album Turbulent Resurgence. This is the soundtrack to the apocalypse. 

No time to think, no time to breath and no time to decipher the sceams. Either start killing or become a pile of your own waste. This is some of the most in your face grind you will ever hear. There is no holding back on this one. Even though this is an absolutely relentless sonic attack on your senses, it's also extremely crisp in production. A lot of times grind bands might be playing at blistering speeds with tons of ferocity but their is a huge lack of sound quality. On Turbulent Resurgence every single riff, drum fill and blast beat is beyond audible. This is grind at its best. With no tracks even over a minute you will keep coming back for more. This record is something to absorb in multiple sittings. There are so many sections to pick apart that its replay value is through the roof. If you didn't know why they called the guitarist Riffmaster Rainwater ... well now you do. 

If you like bands like Napalm Death and Rotten Sound then this is the album for you.



  1. Intro
  2. Pressure Blast
  3. There Is No God
  4. Black Trust
  5. Indifference
  6. Justifiable Homicide/Legal Gangsters
  7. Grains of Sand
  8. Educate Hatred
  9. Inflated Ego
  10. Statue
  11. Blood Bag For The Leeches
  12. Intermission 
  13. Surrounded By Control
  14. Born Alone, Die Alone
  15. Murderous
  16. Less Fashion, More Thrashin'
  17. Broken Cycle
  18. Black Holes
  19. Harsh Reality
  20. Arm Yourselves
  21. 6 Million Miles
  22. Fiery Rebirth
  23. Outro