Noctem - Divinity

Upon first listen, Noctem's 'Divnity" may feel like a Dimmu Borgir clone in the way the vocals and music sound altogether. However, Noctem take a very different direction than the other band as far as lyrical content goes. Their work is more theological and Greek oriented end of the world where Dimmu is more based on Satanism and Paganism. 'Divinity' opens with a soft piano instrumental before launching right into "In The Path Of Heleim." This is where the Dimmu Borgir influences shows; especially in the vocals. The music is a bit heavier and more straightforward towards melodic black/ death metal, but there isn't too much difference. As the album progresses listeners will find that the music stays in the heavy vein with plenty of fast riffs and tremolo picking and little in the way of symphonic bits, but that is for later.

"The Aeons Of Time" features some more soft instrumental moments. Then everything changes. "Necropolis" takes more of a focus on the melodic side of the music rather than just full never ending fury. The solos are just spectacular. "Divinity" seems like more of a mainstream melodic black metal track, complete with a background orchestra and everything. "Religious Plagues" is similar in its melodies, especially near the end, but still has the harsh qualities of the earlier tracks as far as the riffs go, but the drums have better rhythms and don't just sound like machine gun fire all the time. "Under Sea Of Silence" is a good solid melodic black metal track with a nice outro, soft and ambient, especially when it comes to the waves.

There is supposed to be an 'orchestral version' of Divinity as a final track, but for some reason it sounds just like the original, except maybe slightly heavier. Usually when a band puts something as 'orchestral version,' listeners expect nothing but the orchestra. No vocals, no guitars, no drums... just a classical take on the track. Perhaps there was a mix up, perhaps not. However, despite this dastardly confusion, overall 'Divinity' is very promising despite its akin to Dimmu Borgir a bit too much. At least their themes and lyrical content are more original than most.

  1. Atlas Death
  2. In The Path Of Heleim
  3. Realms In Decay
  4. The Sanctuary
  5. The Call Of Oricalco's Horn
  6. Across Heracles Towards
  7. In The Aeons Of Time
  8. Necropolis Of Esthar's Ruins
  9. Divinity
  10. Religious Plagues
  11. Under Seas Of Silence
  12. Divinity (orchestral version)

Noisehead Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 17, 2010

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