Nihilism – Beyond Redemption

The French band Nihilism has been active since 2009, “Beyond Redemption” is their first full-length album, in 2011 they released a demo and in 2014 they did a split with Dehumanize.

“Beyond Redemption” features 11 songs, played and produced quite nicely. The overall sound is good, the drums are slightly “clicky” but not in a bad way and the guitar sound, although very tight and clear, does have a slightly dirty edge which I quite like.

Nihilism state that they are an old school death metal band, and this statement to my opinion doesn’t quite fit. Both the mix of influences and the production is quite modern. True there are no metalcore or slam influences, nor is the music over technical. But to label this as old school goes a bit far, it is no where near bands like Entombed, Dismember, Gorefest, old Cannibal Corpse or Autopsy to name a few.

Their music tends to hold a middle ground between Vader, Vomitory, Behemoth and strangely enough Amon Amarth.

The songs are well written and the riffs are decent. One big point of criticism that it’s all a bit middle of the road death metal. Decent but not surprising or memorable. The fact that during several listenings my mind wandered off and I never could memorise or notice the ending of the first song until I finally forced myself to skip back to the first track every time I missed the ending of this song proves point.

So all in all very decent stuff and enjoyable, but how well this album will hold op through the years, only time can tell…

  1. Ocean's War
  2. Beyond Redemption
  3. The Hanging Tree
  4. The Rebellion
  5. ApXN
  6. The Black Fish
  7. The Old Tree Died
  8. All Will Be One
  9. Inner Deamon
  10. Alea Jacta Est
  11. The Blood Poured