Nervochaos - Nyctophilia

This Brazilian death metal band are relative veterans having been recording for some eleven years now. A couple of their albums have passed this way, but I have never really taken that much from them. With "Nytophilia" I find the songs sounding brutal, but not enough to stand out from others I may be in tune with. That said, I can’t deny talent. The musicianship is cool as is the production. Taking in a darker almost blackened approach with the vocals, ‘The Midnight Hunter’ is harsh and favourable, then you have ‘Season of the Witch’ which amplifies a scenario of you being trapped in a dark dank empty room surrounded by evil and horror, a good sense of atmospherics I’ve found. ‘Vampiric Cannibal Goddess’ immediately starts, there’s no typical intro or even lead riff, I wonder if you feel cheated like I did initially! If you did then the hammer blow stance of the track itself will be enough to keep you in line.

For more pure death without the blackened haze, ‘Live Like Suicide’ closes the release. This also grinds to a near halt mid-way through, you are stuck in the mire and pretty much screwed and the pace generally matches the daily struggle of life verses death to the letter. Overall, the album is solid for what it is, but I don’t feel that much excitement, you can come to expect such music through various sources in today’s market. That said, based on spinning earlier efforts, the band are developed and positioned where they are in the world, they have a complete different approach to extreme music than some of their fellow countrymen. I do feel it’s an album the purists will enjoy, certainly not as a casual afternoons entertainment for the general metal fan.

  1. Moloch Rise  
  2. Ritualistic  
  3. Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam  
  4. Season Of The Witch  
  5. Waters Of Chaos  
  6. The Midnight Hunter  
  7. Rites Of 13 Cemeteries  
  8. Vampiric Cannibal Goddess
  9. Stained With Blood  
  10. Lord Death  
  11. Dead End  
  12. World Aborted  
  13. Live Like Suicide