Nerocapra - Vox Inferi

Thirteen track full length from Italian death metallers Nerocapra and a very atmospheric offering you get too!! Coming in at just over forty two minutes it’s a mighty fine album from a very decent outfit. This is their first full length release, the only other thing I could find from them was a demo from back in 2009, not a great output from a band that has been going since 2003 but obviously they have been honing their act and perfecting their sound, and kudos too them for that as it has produced a fine album of mid paced death metal, a couple of galloping bits but for the most a mid tempo affair, which is no bad thing!! The line-up on this album is Mirco Rizzi on guitars and vocals, Dne on guitars and vocals and B on drums, all are good musicians which shows up nicely on this album, the guitar work is top stuff with some great riffing in all the songs and also great lead work. B on drums is also very good, check out “S.A.”  for proof of this, great drum lead beat and top guitar work.

All tracks are very good, no filler on this album and it goes in at a good lick, in fact they do seem to like thrash metal as well as there is a fair bit of thrashy stuff on this album too, always partial to a bit of thrash me!!  My favourite tracks would be “Frail Bones” which is a great track, some top guitar on it, also “Il Sole in Terra” which is very punky in it’s sound, this band can mix  up various genres and put it out as their own brand of metal, good album all round, not a bad track on it.

All I can say is check this band out, they are really good and have produced a very decent album indeed, I like it a lot!!


  1. Vermi 1
  2. Autofagia
  3. S.A.
  4. Heaven Smiles
  5. Epikick
  6. Frail Bones
  7. Il Sole In Terra
  8. Il Capronero
  9. Vermi 2
  10. Gabbia Di Contenzione
  11. Boot On You
  12. Mezzouomo
  13. Philo