Nebelkrähe - Lebensweisen

Nebelkrähe – (translated means Hooded Crow) was founded as a traditional death/black metal band in Munich in 2007. Not long after this the band changed their style to a slightly more progressive and melancholic black metal, three years on from their debut album “Entfremdet” (Alienated) (June 26th 2009) Nebelkrähe have now completed their new album "Lebensweisen" (Living Beings) providing a paradigm for how contemporary black metal can sound”

My last three reviews have been black metal orientated and yet all three bands have been completely different to the last. It quite astounds me that black orientated metal could indeed have so much diversity with a refreshingly secret formula in the shape of contemporary black metal.

I have done my best to translate the titles for the less fortunate person who haven’t mastered the German language.

Not only is the music superb but the album cover has been very cleverly thought out and signifies a finger print with its epidermal ridges so complex with a person trying to navigate them - awesome concept!

Although the songs are sung in German it works! Great to hear a band singing in their mother tongue. After all so do Rammstein and they have received universal acclaim so why not Nebelkrähe?

Although the black metal element is present there are some sumptuous strings in there that give you something to bite on. The vocal content is absolutely superb raw guttural growls that leave me drooling for more, with a swelling of surging beats and hypnotic rhythms that will sweep you away with plentiful raw emotion.

Not just typical Black Metal but Black Metal with lashings of intrigue, diversity and originality – it ticks all the boxes for me on so many different levels.

The musicianship is outstanding! Upbeat and great head banging quality can be had listening to some of these tracks whilst the other tracks send me into a reflective almost dream-like state. There are strong bass hooks, superb guitar and heavy drum beats with copious amounts of raw guttural growls and then haunting piano and melodic strings with female vocals – it simply possesses everything - going to be listening to this a lot!

The second track has a female vocal attached which is classical and clean and offers a more folk type of feel to it. Normally a female vocal does not grab my attention the same as a raw male growl but this is exquisite and is giving me goose-bumps all over. The guttural secretions again explode and the mood is instantly changed. Superb listening! The band has put a lot into this track at 8 minutes and 29 seconds (and not the only long track on the album) but it is a track you cannot skip as it holds the listeners attention to the very end with great breakdowns, up tempo beats and highly complex rhythms.

The Germans do not do anything by just halves they embrace what is around them and make the most of it and Nebelkrähe has not scrimped on anything on this highly regarded album. The umlauts are certainly marked over the “a” here – every track has my heart skipping a beat and my blood racing around my body but for very different reasons as this album contains raw and yet sleek enthralling musical passages and is something very new indeed.

There is something for everyone here, it will appeal to not only the hardiest of black metal fanatics but metal heads everywhere and will no doubt become a talking point if not already!

I cannot fault this album at all! It is well-produced, spectacular in musical content and offers endless varied listening – just don’t miss anything as the clever twists and turns are like a Labyrinth that will absorb you into a musical journey and believe me when I say it is one journey you won’t want to stop. So sit back and take in the beautiful notes (as well as the black ones!) and embrace Nebelkrähe – There is not anything else like this out there! From clean, crisp female vocals to raucous male vocal and also a clean male vocal with a cacophony of remarkable musical indulgences in between.

I urge you all to check this album out – if not you are missing something highly intellectual, compelling, unique and superb! Every track is exceptional, addictive listening and incredibly atmospheric. Nothing stagnates on these 8 captivating tracks! Buy it now!

As they say in Deutschland “Ausgezeichnet, von Anfang bis Ende!”


  1. Versucher
  2. Mit Glut auf den Li
  3. Mut and Demut
  4. Der Flaneur
  5. Lebenswaisen
  6. Das Karussell
  7. Macht and Ohnmacht
  8. Ebenbuerdig