Nation Despair - Lies

These Finnish natives have really learnt a thing or two, ‘Lies’ is their second EP release, with a demo already behind them at the time of their inception in 2008. When you press play, you immediately have a sense of caution, a feeling of anxiety, the vinyl crackling in the background really builds your adrenaline and suspense of what is about to come.

Battering your ear drums following the wonderful build up, ‘Isolation’ reeks of rotten death metal, a touch of melody, and overall a whirlwind experience. A solid foundation is present for you to hear, brutal low end vocals, displaying a keen ear for arranging the mix between the epic and the raw. The melodic death passages intertwined into the initial pulverization is something that could have been penned by the “masters” of this genre. Too many bands come to the throne with rotten death, it is refreshing to hear a mix of everything authentic coming from Scandinavia. The punchy groove of latter day Carcass breeds through ‘Lies’, having some Sentenced melody does not go far wrong either, clearly the fellow countrymen were somewhat of an influence (from their earlier/mid period).

‘Cleansed by Conviction’ once again, builds from the opening few notes, I hear UK death metal here, like Benediction and even the war masters Bolt Thrower themselves, coupling the melodic melodies, this is once again a triumphant spectacle of undeniable quality, which begs the question of not when, but of which label they will find themselves signed to in the near future. ‘Greed’ is simply the rotten icing on the cake for this release, banging through momentous expressions of pure death whilst still retaining an effortless capability using melody to enhance its heavy appeal. This is one of the most respectable self-releases I have heard in a while in this genre, Nation Despair are certainly a band to watch out for in the future.

  1. Isolation
  2. Lies
  3. Cleansed By Conviction
  4. Greed

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 14, 2011

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