Nation Despair - Exitium Mundi

'Exitium Mundi' is the third EP released from Melodic Death Metal based group Nation Despair. Hitting all the right notes, the music here is fantastic- heavy but with plenty of slower, easy going passages that even involve a bit of other genres as well. The opening "Purified" just blasts right away with hard chugging that is more along the lines of Brutal Death Metal but eventually the guitars evolve into more melodic sections during the chorus, sounding a bit like Darkane. "Burden" changes everything by opting for a very slow, almost Doom Metal approach before building up, but also incorporates some Rock elements with the way the solo is structured. Overall, this track will probably be the most enjoyable for fans due to its mid paced rhythm and easy acessibility as there is something that can be easily picked from Metal fans across the sub genre board. "Vilhan Polku" is one of the heavier tracks on the album, and due to its rather fast pace and lack of melody may feel a bit alien compared to the rest, but it definitely showcases the brutality of the Melodic Death Metal genre that was displayed on earlier Soilwork albums. Overall on each track the vocals may be a bit hard to hear as the production has obscured them behind the music, but the deep echoing growls may play in Nation Despair's favor as far as atmosphere goes. As with each step, this EP just continues to showcase how far Nation Despair is coming along and hopefully they will be cranking out their first full length debut soon so fans can sink their ears into more of this kind of music.

  1. Purified
  2. Burden
  3. Vihan Polku
  4. Plague

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 21, 2012

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