My Minds Mine - Passengers Of The Void

My Minds Mine been in the scene since 1995 and having released two full lengths and 4 split CDs up until 2002 serving the grind noise properly, makes it a really awesome surprise to see them back in action. "Passengers Of The Void" is their new, third full length since 2002 and I can say I am utterly surprised by the freshness it reeks. Relentless and with really caustic political-religious lyrics, I'd say the Dutch quartet has made an awesome comeback.

Breaking the silence with 'Aftermath', what really impresses me is the raw sound. I'd hate to see another grind band with a polished production (cos it is fuckin 2019..aaah fuck that). Grind is all about noise and how to make your ears bleed. Trust me... My Minds Mine are into it and more. Ferocious song constructions. Short in length but tight and cohesive. A minute passes and 'Aftermath' gives its place to 'Hate Formation'. Full on blast beats and some resting 4/4 beats here and there but mostly it's all bout going nuts. The vocals are the soo typical but fitting grind shrieks. Vocals of course don't simply keep shrieking, but a combination of growls and shrieks that turn up the ferociousness level. Relentless I'm tellin ya.

Everyone here aims in going berserk. From drums to guitars and bass and finally to vocals. Songs proceed with a tremendous pace and what'll happen is that you will find your self-caught in a relentless hammering. Blast beats and itchy guitars all the way, boosted by a cement thick bass guitar and two wild rabies infected dogs behind the mic barking their throats off. 14 songs with a total duration of 17 minutes more or less. 14 new shots-slap in the face from My Minds Mine proving, not only that they haven't forgotten how to grind but they even make it sound so damn fresh. 'Cocoon Of Conform', 'War Corrosion', 'The Omnipotent God', 'The Promised Resurrection' and 'Faceless Plague' (which is the odd one just by being 2:59 minutes) are just some from the songs you'll listen to again and again.

After the first hearing it kind of grows in you. The awesome artwork is just an extra adding point to the entire music creating an awesome must-package for the fans of the genre.


1. Aftermath
2. Hate Formation
3. Slave Abuse
4. The Promised Resurrection
5. Passenger Of The Void
6. Cocoon Of Conform
7. (They Rather) See Us Dead
8. Deceptive Attitude
9. War Corrosion
10. Nothing But Teeth
11. Empty Carcass
12. The Omnipotent God
13. Rot Away
14. Faceless Plague