Mindwarp - A Cold Black Day

As the intensity of this opening track ‘Cold Analysis’ begins you can feel the adrenalin pumping as a vocal barrage suddenly rips from the speakers. It has emerged fighting and aggressive in nature with a vocal that sounds eerily familiar – is that Till Lindemann? No it’s Fred Buschenrieder! The musical content of this one track alone has reached phenomenal proportions in such a short space of time it’s incredible! The battering ram comes with force at the ears and cloaks them in steel savagery! ‘Black Day’ offers no respite from the brutally malignant grooves that have infected with highly charged dramatic temptation! ‘Descent to Hell’ rewards with fierce metal chugs and red hot grooves that bite hard. The blast beats are strong and evenly tempered so much so your body must obey the insane rhythms they produce! ‘A Current World’ feel that power in the gut as hard strikes of metal hit with unyielding results! No wonder the band are called ‘Mindwarp?’ Extreme pulverisation coming your way and no remorse! ‘Insomnia of Misfortune’ embracing and forthright, this track recalls the battering ram once again as its fierce and unending power overwhelms with immense propagation!

‘Anxiety’ forges ahead with the ramifications of an express train! Causing inner turmoil with superb vocal range that gives the tonsils a good work-out! Contrasting vocally are the rhythmically empowered kick beats and gnawing riffs that make this track magnificent! ‘Hatred and Freedom’ is bold and offers throbbing riffs that ignite purposefully for dramatic effect! The instant grip it has on the senses is one of satisfying gratitude - I simply can’t get enough as it takes me on this sensational journey! ‘Dark Light’ is another dramatic rumble of attitude and paralyzing riffs that peak with incredible and compelling ferocity. ‘Artemis’ overwhelms with its uplifting crescendo of magical riffs that soar with bewitching magnitude to greater heights! The blasting kick beats are tumultuous and unending like a barrage of hail stones that rain down in a turbulent storm.


This is one ‘kick ass’ album that the French are pouring out of every orifice, or so it would seem. There’s no romance any more as death metal killed it stone dead! Not a bad thing really as the world needs more death metal!
Mindwarp are just simply phenomenal in every sense of the word! From the harshness of Fred’s vocal prowess to Pascal’s creative guitar riffs!
It eats you from the inside out and gives rise to creating imagination, possessing copious amounts of extreme emotions that reflect on highly charged blast beats and seductive bass hooks!

It’s certainly an album that gives generously and will never be tiresome!

  1. Cold Analysis
  2. Black Day
  3. Descent To Hell
  4. A Current World
  5. Insomnia Of Misfortune
  6. Anxiety
  7. Hatred And Freedom
  8. Dark Light
  9. Artemis