Mincing Fury And Gutteral Clamour Of Queer Decay - Devolution

'Devolution' is the longest gap of an album for goregrinders Mincing Fury... to bring another crushing, unique album to their fans. One thing that Mincing Fury... does so well compared to other grindcore bands is that they add fresh 'randomness' to the music that is tastefully placed and keeps listeners guessing. While there are certainly the typical sheer stop and go, all balls out, no mercy delivered with the machine gun drums, deep growls and pig squeals such as with tracks like "Languish" and "Drunken Mara," even parts of tracks like these are segmented and include a certain amount of groove that makes it more than just pure obliteration. The opening track is perhaps the most surprising of all because it features a lengthy, symphonic structure that is the complete opposite of what is expected of grindcore.

Mincing Fury... also tend to throw in some hardcore and rap bits with their music such as with "Rumiste DC." When one hears it, it will probably be a hit or miss as far as them liking it, but at least the band gets points for innovation. Other times they throw in industrial scratchings such as on the song "Doctor From the Mountains," which further adds tasteful industrial influences. The most random section would have the be the sudden pause and the smooth, jazzy elevator music interlude that is heard on "Shit Song." Obviously, this is purely for laughs because most metal fans don't really like such a musical style, and hence it adds to the irony of the title of the track.

Sometimes though, the random and innovative bits are just purely a miss as far as it comes to possibly liking it. The title track features random groups of yelling, which just sounds like a bunch of people being drunk and stupid, and doesn't add much to the grindcore overall. "Machinka" features a lengthy, spoken word outro that seems to go on for too long and doesn't add as much for the fans as Mincing Fury... probably would have hoped for; most of it is in a foreign language and cannot be understood. One track is repeated twice- "Sea Of Weakness"- and doesn't seem to have much difference between the two; perhaps it was a recording mistake or just a mistake on the promo given to Brutalism.

There are also a few covers included on the album. One is the exciting "Blind" by nu metal band, Korn. The beginning lives up to the original, but for the most part any sense of melody and groove is obliterated in the usual grindcore sense. The other cover, by Cock and Ball Torture, features a bit more segmented groove and chugging that makes it a bit more bearable, but Mincing Fury... do a good job at merging the original material while still making it quite the crushing grindcore machine. As a result, the entire album is full of little surprises here and there that should intrigue most grindcore fans, but at the same time there is a lot of material that alienates listeners too, particularly the oddly random parts. Check this out if one likes their music blistering but also tongue-in-cheek humorous.

  1. Requiem for a Fury
  2. Rumiste DC
  3. Devolution
  4. Guys Who Are Falling At The End
  5. Machinka
  6. Doctor From Mountains
  7. Sea Of Weakness
  8. Languish
  9. Sea Of Weakness
  10. Blind
  11. Drunken Mara
  12. Kacenka
  13. Shit Song
  14. Lamentation
  15. Heterosexual Testosterone (cover Cock and Ball Torture)

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Apr 7, 2011

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