Metal Message - V

This is a compilation consisting of various artists from the Pagan/Folk/Viking Metal genre. Metal Message is a series of compilations consisting of Viking  and related bands, put together by Markus Eck and his German webzine.The album artwork for Metal Message V was created by artist Ed Repka who's art is known with such artists as Megadeath, Death, Atheist etc... Album art also includes nature photos by Markus Eck himself. Personally I find the cover art alittle to colorful and cartoony for my taste but I will admit that it is very well done and well it is only the packaging - it is what is inside that counts right? Ok then so in order to review a compilation such as this I will first take a look at each artist individually. So starting with:

Fimbulvet: unfortunately could not find anything on this band but I will state that their presented track "Helias Bann" is filled with tight heavy riffs, both clean and growling vocals and like with any Viking styled band this track has alot going on all at once. In this case all is excellently executed and anyone who appreciates this style will love this track. I found it was a perfect choice to kick this album off with.

Hromovlad: Hailing from the Slovak Republic presenting to us awesome Folk Metal with their track " Slavia" which music's theme hits on Slavic myth and nature. Currently with Ketzer Records. Myspace :

Tumulus: Progressive Pagen/Folk Metal from the Russian Federation. Their featured track Kochevonov is an interesting presention of upbeats with clear vocals, keyboards and I think that I head some flute in here as well as other typical folk instruments. With some psychodelic twists this is a rather refreshing track and lends a good flavor to this album.

Dark Forest: Artist David Parks and his Pagan/Folk Black Metal from Canada. The submitted featured track here "Journey To Ever -Eternal Skies" is a very moody and melodic track which brings your mind through the ancient forests of Europe feeling the arcane power and knowledge from days past. Signed with Bleak Art Records.

Tiwaz: The meaning of Tiwaz is the symbol of the warrior's Rune and according to both Icelandic and Norwegian poems this Rune is associated with the god Tyr.  However Tiwaz the band and their melodic epic Pagen Viking music hails from none other than Brazil. This Brazilian Viking horde has been in exsistance since early 2002 and are signed with the indie label Somber Music. The concept of this band is to defend the pride and honor of ancestral inheritance, to raise the true spirit, strength and bravery of free men and pagan beliefs. Their track "The Battleore" presented for this compilation is a clear representation of what this band is all about and if you wish to know more please pay a visit to their MySpace page.

Dyrathor: Death Folk Metal from Germany. The name "Dyrathor" is associated with the Edda. It is a slight modification of "Dyrathror", which is the name of one of the four deers that browse between the branches of the ash tree/tree of life: Yggdrasil. This band has been around since 2006 and has a wide range of musical influences which can be heard here in their track "Im Auge Des Sturms" and this band does best discribe their music as Northern Storm Music. know more of Dyrathor and link onto their Official site from their MySpace page.

Xerion: Black Metal from Spain which whom have been around since 2001. The given track "No Pazo Derruido Da Existencia" is a great treat to have on this compilation with it's old school black metal infuence and folk sounds. I love the changes presented here and how this track lowers and builds. I find it to be both typical and not, was rather refreshing to here and if you wish to know more of this band here is their MySpace.

Adorned Brood: Black Metal laced with heavy folk influences from Germany, signed with Black Bards Entertainment. Their presented track "Sons Of The Damned" lends to some awesome vocals both male and female, clean and growl with wicked dualling guitar work lots of keyboard which was not overkill and well fitted into this track along with flute which was very nice and does not sound elflike hehe. Listen for yourselves.

Waylander: Formed in '93 and signed with LISTENABLE RECORDS, Waylander crawls out from Irland and give to us here their track "As Deities Clash" This is a very unpredictable track which starts off with a catchy bassline and a fun metal riff which has a Celtic touch to it kicking in hitting us with,chaotic drums and violent sounding vocals then out of nowhere turns calm with clean vocals sounding almost like a dark 70's rock feel, giving this track a very odd kind of break before coming back strong with the Celtic Folk Black Metal sound.

Natan: From Belgium with more Black/Death/Folk Metal, Natan bring to us their track "Volkskracht". This track is very melodic and atmospheric which is a good representation of this band's sound. Natan have been together since 2001 and are signed with Iron Age Records. I love where this track is located on the compilation and it is a comfort to listen to.

Andras: Epic Pagan Black Metal from Germany and currently signed with Einheit Produktionen. Very atomospheric in their track "Miasma Track" which brings the listener on a journey telling some sort of story which is very suiting for this compilation. The band's official site is their MySpace so check it out.

Obscurity: Swedish black/death metal waking us up with thier hard hitting track "Nach Asgard Wir Reiten" Very aggressive track here, I think the most in your face track on the compilation, evil and loud keeping the dark Nordic Gods in mind. If you wish to hear more of Obsrurity's music look into their MySpace.

Vinternatt: Spawning out from Belgium Vinternatt have been together since 2004. With their track "De Zwarte Mis" they present a mix of musical influences which are brought together nicely keeping true to what this compilation is all about, presenting a good Viking sound with a twist of something new.


Metal Message
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 15, 2009

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