Mercyless – Pathetic Divinity

The story of Mercyless goes like most bands of their age. They started out with a strong couple of albums (notably their debut "Abject Offerings" is somewhat a cult classic that goes for a small fortune on the internet), went a bit experimental and wobbly in the middle and years later with metal resurgence things led to either a reunion or just a return to form. In Mercyless’ case they reformed in 2011 and returned to their death metal roots with 2013’s "Unholy Black Splendor" and the band are pretty much carrying on where they left off on this year’s release "Pathetic Divinity" This is also their first release with front man Max Otero being the sole original member since Stephane Viard had to step away due to his hearing.

"Pathetic Divinity" is pure unadulterated old school death metal. Taking things back to the 90’s glory days and they have managed to mix both the dirty, dark dankness of Swedish death metal and the energy of what came from Florida. This album doesn’t rely on speed either, people tend to forget death metal wasn’t all about speed and technicality back in the day it was primarily about atmosphere and heaviness as well as pushing boundaries. So if you think "Cause Of Death" era Obituary and Autopsy when they took things real sssllllooowww! And throw in a bit of groove and top things off with the darkness and dirtiness and eerie melodies of early Entombed and Dismember. I love the closing riff to 'My name Is Legion' or the double closer of 'How deep is your Hate?' backing on to 'Liturgiae' playing as one track bring the album to an awesome close. 'Exhort The Heretic' also shows the band speed things up and take it to the extreme before bringing things back to a neck break inducing groove.

Now when I say this is old school by no means are Mercyless living in the past. They have been around the block and they simply know what does and doesn’t work. This is a death metal album for people who know their history and want something that sound classic and timeless. Look no further…

  1. Blood Of Lambs
  2. Pathetic Divinity
  3. A Representation Of Darkness
  4. My Name Is Legion
  5. Exhort The Heretic
  6. Left To Rot
  7. Eucharistic Adoration ('16)
  8. Christianist
  9. How Deep Is Your Hate?
  10. Liturgiae

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 26, 2016

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