Melechesh - As Jerusalem Burns Al'Intisar

This is the first release from Melechesh originally released in 1996 but now released as a digipack with two bonus tracks and a CDROM track. When you know their second hymn Djinn you know what to expect only more primitive. Melechesh plays BM with influences from the old stories of Mesopotamia. Technical furious BM with a lot af variety in the songstructure. Like the Djinn album a would have album.

1. Intro
2. Sultan Of Mischief
3. Assyrian Spirit
4. Planetary Rites
5. Hymn To Gibil
6. The Sorcerers Of Melechesh
7. Dance Of The Black Genii
8. Baphomet's Lust
9. Devil's Night
10. As Jerusalem Burns... Al'intisar
11. Desert Pentagram
12. Malek Al'nar (Live In Jerusalem '96)
13. Hymn To Gibil (Video)
War Is Imminent Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 20, 2001

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