Meatknife - Junky Town

Since 1995 they've released 6 full lengths and a couple of split CDs and maybe even more shit that I miss right now. I won't lie. This 7th full length "Junky Town" of Meatknife is my first encounter with the Germans. Brutal death metal meets porno grind, meets whatever the hell craziness they come up with, every time. Not the best shit I've heard so far and not the worst definitely but... I dunno... When it finished I wanted to push the play button again. And again and again.

"Junky Town" is one of those albums that leave you standing with a stupid grin up your face and this to me is a great success. 'Crackstreet Boys' (love 'em just for the title) breaks the silence. Straight in your face and groovy. Simple riffs but they are the ones to stick into your brain and hum them a little later. The vocals are putting on their own show here. Gutturals combined with shrieks and porno grind grunts. Following their own flow, turning the song from just a typical groovy death metal to a brilliant song for headbanging. Next one to follow is 'Drug Ballad/Slam Bitches'. Intro sample and then a black metal riff followed of course by a slam breakdown. Meatknife's brilliance is not in the complexity of their song structure and not in their exquisite ability as players. Not at all. Their brilliance lies in the fact that their songs are easy to memorize.

'Lucille' is the third song and my ultimate favorite from this album. Relentless intro riff and the drums simply take it to the next level with their up tempo 4/4 groovy beats. Hearing proceeds and it gets obvious that besides the groovy beats, the drummer possesses a variety of death metal techniques. Uses them wisely and carefully, applying whatever's needed to each song making them sound cool. Cos if there's a term other than the usual I should give to this band is simply this... Meatknife play cool. They sound like it. 5 guys in a studio jamming and fucking around making fun of everything. Sarcastic and demented in the concept but surgically precise in their performance, giving their final music a really nasty after taste. A band I'd really love to see live as all the album is meant to be played on stage.

Songs proceed in a really quick pace. Most of them are close to 2 minutes in duration. Little more, little less, it makes no difference. In 37 minutes Meatknife present 16 songs-odes to perversion and stupidity. The production is heavy as a bulldozer boosting the band's ferociousness to the next level. Their up tempo parts are really killer but really their slammy beatdowns are heavy as fuck. A great package if I include the looney artwork selected to wrap up this new full length from Meatknife. Again. Not something you've never heard before but I'll be damned... Just listen to the intro of the title track. How can you not love em after that? They do what they do with honesty ending up sweaty and stinking but sure that they've given 100% to making their shit sound as perverted as it gets. And guess what? To me this is called Success!


1. Horror Trip
2. Crackstreet Boys
3. Drug Ballad/Slam Bitches
4. Lucille
5. Sniff
6. Clap-Crack-Song
7. Sicko's Paradise
8. Grind-A-Billy
9. Dirty Sanchez
10. N.I.C.E
11. Mindrape
12. Tripper
13. ThePhillis
14. Cocaine Cupcake
15. Junky Town
16. Golden Shot