Mass Infection - For I Am Genocide

Releases like this one are the main reason for someone to fully turn views from anywhere to death metal. We're talking about Mass Infection's new album and damn it, those crazed Greeks have nailed it once again! Third full length for those monsters and their brutality seems to be relentless! "For I am Genocide" is the title and someone must take a deep breath before sinking his teeth into it. But be warned! It's gonna be a biiiig bite and I don't know if many of you can handle it! Since 2003 and from their first demo, this quartet from Greece serves death metal in the most brutal and demanding way with the outmost success! Their new full comes to prove, why anyone mentioning their name, pronounces it with the highest respect there is! Beasts from another planet if you ask me.

Once the play button is pushed on "For I am Genocide", an uproar of extreme blasting combined with itchy guitar riffs, will drag you to the floor, and won't let you up again until the whole 35 minutes of this damn thing have passed away! IT is not just the production, or the drumming (which by the way would make lot of wannabes to cut their hands off), or the riffs alone. No this is something more. It is a combination of perfectionists that made this CD possible! A really nice blend of high self expectations translated into music. Startin off with this one, someone can't stay untouched by the ferocious drumming! The drummer possesses a great arsenal of death metal beats, including a large variety of blast beats, super fast double kick triplets, the typical thrash metal beats and many more fluently played in the most excessive way. The riffs are another big factor of this album. Big riffs, heavy and demanding! It feels like the way they sound, there's only one drum pattern to join them, and this means something… this means that the riffs got character. Majestic and relentless, swirling around minor chords, giving the ear its proper beating! Excellent work from both lead and rhythm guitar and of course the bass couldn't stay behind. Fat and technical, sometimes just following the guitars, and others just carving its own way through this whole mess with the only purpose to make it music sound even larger!

All the above, and a ruthless, wrathful growl spitting curses against humanity, brought together under a very tight and solid production! Clean but not shinny. Everything here have been mixed wisely so that nothing gets in the way, and everything in the same way feel like they are one! Cohesive and muddy! That's how death metal CDs should sound! Fuck crisp clean and shinny emo-like productions. This is death metal at its finest and this is the production needed. One to make it sound like buried under tons of mud and right beside you at the same time. This new atrocity of Mass Infection comes wrapped in a really awesome layout which makes this release even more attractive to the buyer! Uncompromising and ferocious death metal is what those beasts have to offer for 2014 and it already flirts with the top ten of this year! An ultimate must for the death metal fan! Period!

  1. Praised By All The Entities
  2. The Scourge Of Living Forms
  3. Hierarchy Of The Highest Abomination
  4. Beholding The Throne
  5. Unearthly Legion
  6. Maelstrom Of Endless Suffering
  7. Beyond Perpetuation
  8. Nihilism Reigns
  9. The Genocide Revealed