Martelo Negro - Equinocio Espectral

Martelo Negro sacrilegious sound was founded in 2006 by The Beyonder, with the name Black Hammer. Between 2006 and 2009, the band released the EP "Winds of Carrion" 2007. In 2009 the singles "Hierofante em Chamas", "Sob os Cascos de Satã", and "Bela Lugosi Is Dead, Buried and Forgotten", as a one man project. Also in 2009, the band's name was changed to The Beyonder's Portuguese mother tongue, following a suggestion from Belathauzer, a fellow metal brother.

Well, this is a startling opening, very dark demonic and strange, with bold whispers and high pitched screams – have we reached the depths of hell, I wonder?

Culto Hermetico
This track explodes with a mighty roar and then frantically portrays a solid energy that is just as compelling as exciting. The vocals do it for me most definitely.

Inferno Abysmal
The thing I love about this track is the sizzling riffs and towering vocal accompaniment they work so well together. It’s an intense, almighty strong draw that sucks you into its malevolent embrace.

Equinocio Espectral
Melodic and fast it captivates with a pounding chug with gruff vocal that encompasses the aural superbly well. The fact I cannot understand the lyrics matters little as the music is there to back it up.

Anjos Captivos
This is a real thrash attack that is dealt out with venom. The drumming holds a constant beat whilst the guitar goes on a wild rampage, and it goes without saying but I will say it anyway – the vocals are forceful and gnarly, just how I prefer it.

Sacremento Maldito
This has punishing rhythms that excite and torment.  It is extremely enticing and impacting to the point of orgasm! And the final growl at the end of the track is a good finishing touch.

Born Again Antichrist
The vocals literally seethe to a fast accompaniment of vibrant guitar riffs and bludgeoning beats. It hits you in a wave of ferocity, and holds a good melodic groove.

Liturgia De Excrementos
Malignant to the point of being sheer toxic as its sound mocks and tortures the senses but still holds a rigorous melody.

Ouroboros Constrictora
This track is a lot thicker in rhythm and therefore a lot more vindictive in approach. Unearthing a cascading riff and demonic vocal – superb!

Sworn To The Heptagram
Potent teasing and rabid fuelled injection of riffs with the bass hooks being prominent which adds a great touch to this track.

“Steeped with melodic intrigue, and magnetic, threatening intensity I would say that this is one album that should hopefully go a long to grabbing the band a stronger fan base that they so much deserve!”

Thus rides The Plague Bringer
This has a great run of thrashing madness that incorporates a frenzy of beats and raucous rhythms that are so ripe for head banging it is unbelievable! The track is a predacious one with a slab of melodic intrigue running right through it.

Um Dia Em Texas (Paralisis Permanente)
Pure thrashing metal this one and the fact it is sung in Spanish helps considerably to cement its ferocious tirade.

Is again savage and brutal with a good constant chug of malignance and military precision it takes no prisoners and is a good all round track that is unrelenting, fierce and all dominating. I need to learn Spanish!!

Holds some rather eerie ambient sounds and very fitting for the end of what is a superb album.

Although this album doesn’t break in anything new it sure goes a long way as to being a thoroughly pleasurable listen. The way the tracks are sung in Spanish make them sound harsher and more appealing. For people looking in from the outside you don’t expect the Spanish to be so brutal as like with Italians you expect them to be more romantic in nature, however not being the romantic schmuck myself, I much prefer the outlook of their music being more aggressive rather than singing sweet boring love songs. Martelo Negro are indeed feisty and harsh and their incessant confrontation during the length album was superbly gripping to say the very least. Steeped with melodic intrigue, and magnetic, threatening intensity I would say that this is one album that should hopefully go a long to grabbing the band a stronger fan base that they so much deserve.

  1. Intro
  2. Culto Hermetico
  3. Inferno Abysmal
  4. Equinocio Espectral
  5. Anjos Captivos
  6. Sacremento Maldito
  7. Born Again Antichrist
  8. Liturgia De Excrementos
  9. Ouroboros Constrictora
  10. Sworn To The Heptagram
  11. Thus Rides The Plague Bringer
  12. Um Dia Em Texas (Paralisis Permanente)
  13. Caronte
  14. Outro

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jul 29, 2014

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