Manipulated Slaves - The Legendary Black Jade

From the land of the rising sun comes Manipulated Slaves. Being around since 1994 they play aggressive melodic metal in the vein of the 80's. With guest vocals of Johan Liiva (ex Arch Enemy). This is their second album with 9 tracks of melodic extreme metal with great guitar leads, double bass pounding and clear vocals. If you like the 80's metal with with some more extreme elements than you should pick this one up.

1. Thrust Sword Into The Earth
2. The Way Of The Emperor
3. Woman In The Ironmask
4. The Broken Chain
5. Eyes Filled With Tears
6. Man From The Horizon
7. Capital Punishment
8. Assault On The Enemy
9. Bearing The Final Pain
World Chaos Production
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 9, 2001

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