Machine Rox - Activate Your Anger

Machine Rox is the project of Richard Kaltenhauser (aka Richard K), an ex- member of the Industrial bands Meat Machine and Global Noise Attack (GNA) with whom he was bass player, guitarist and programmer. An early enthusiast of the use of electronics in the Goth/Rock scene, he made the natural transition from Goth/Rock to Electro/Industrial. In 2010 the female singer Aga joined Machine Rox and in 2012 they recruited Nuj Farrow on drums and Valerian Oproiu on guitar for live shows. The music is a corrosive blend of Electro, Industrial, Metal and EBM.

Move Your Body (Until You Die)
The feeling this E.P gives you as you press play and hear its thick heavy unwavering rhythms is breath-taking and will leave you open mouthed! :O Layered with sumptuous dark beats and crisp pumping guitar with fantastic harmonies – I am losing myself as the keyboard flourishes with unbridled passionate notes, deep and powerful - oh I don’t want this to end! I am not in control of my body – Machine Rox has taken full control! This is something else it totally owns your soul and will leave its mark!

Night Riots
Pulsating rhythmic smacking’s and squelches burst into fueled bruising catchiness. It provokes a certain madness that is hypnotic, frenzied and downright enjoyable.  Its powerful beats indeed cause an epidemic of infectious grooves and believe me when I say you will NOT be in control of your limbs as they twitch vehemently to this.

Next Nothing
I haven’t calmed down from the last two tracks yet and now yet more harshness follows with a rasping vocal that really compliments the equally gnarly music. Again the catchiness will just sweep you into oblivion with the usual twitching of flailing limbs as it pounds ferociously with no let up.

Where You Are
Punchy and rhythmic this shoots into the atmosphere with a pummeling your ears can’t ignore offering sharp acidic little synth notes and more than just atmospheric and eerie with its haunting vocals it flows a jagged path and saunters with a certain swagger of pulsating pleasure.

Time To Survive
Captivating harsh rhythms this one, which will sweep you onto the dance floor and work you like a puppet. Choppy and mesmerizing with its flurry of shard like synth raining down on you like very sharp knives. Expressive with that sumptuous industrial feel and giving you that certain prime evil feeling of provocative assertiveness.

Next Nothing (Remixed)
Jagged and resonating with haunting melody accompanied by a harsh hypnotic beat – I still haven’t come up for air yet! The harsh rigidity of the vocal gives it that evil stance of vibrant, corrosiveness with a great barbed touch.

Machine Rox are one such band who has the power to ignite and captivate the imagination, with their highly infectious building rhythms and catchy chorus’s offering absolutely insatiable and mouth-watering music that commands you to move to it.

Machine Rox are potent so be warned – not for the faint-hearted. All who are brave enough to put this in your players, please note can cause total domination of the mind as well as the limbs. Superb, captivating with edge and vibrantly delicious. Machine Rox are not afraid of pushing the boundaries and by doing so will finally push you over the edge.

Predatory and compelling, it is such fantastic music to lose yourself in, wrapping you in a blanket of undeniable rhythmic barbed wire that gets tighter as the music flows fiercely and just ravages you with pure savagery, stabbing the flesh unmercifully with its spine tingling rampaging synth – and made more flexible with live guitar and drums giving it a richer sound content – oh this is pure heaven – I don’t want it to end!!!


  1. Move Your Body (Until You Die)
  2. Night Riots
  3. Next Nothing
  4. Where You Are
  5. Time To Survive
  6. Next Nothing (Remixed)

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 2, 2013
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