Lost Tribes Of The Moon - Lost Tribes Of The Moon

Wisconsin’s Lost Tribes Of The Moon have burst upon the scene, in unique fashion, with their self titled debut which is sure to turn more than a few heads with their multi-vibe approach. Once you hear this album you will come to realize that doom metal will never be the same. It is bands and albums like this one that reinforce the foundations of the genre laid out by bands such as Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, and Count Raven.

The riffs have a blackened edge and a nod to the aforementioned bands as well as others from the 90’s. The combination of this with semi-acoustic passages keeps things fresh and interesting. From time to time they take on a progressive feel. The drums take a unique approach as they are not the typical style or format used in the doom metal genre. There is an undeniable progressive vibe on top of an ever so slight death vibe, and when you add this approach to a well established pattern of doom metal drumming, the end result is an interesting presentation of aural perfection. As for the vocals, they are quite interesting. Power/Progressive stylings with a folk influence. This reminds me of the band Black Tower with a Fear Of God vibe. I absolutely love this style of vocal for this type of music. It really sets the music off nicely.

This was a very enjoyable release. When you put everything together, fans of Nevermore, King Diamond, Fear Of God, Danzig, and other such bands will love what Lost Tribes Of The Moon have done here. Power/progressive doom is what I would call this. The mixture of vibes is so unique, you can’t pinpoint an exact reference to this band. There is a primal element that the band hits spot on, which gives this release a raw, organic feel. This makes the album that much more enjoyable. This will definitely be a band to watch in the coming months and years. This album is released by the band and for it being a self-release, it’s about as good as it gets.


1. Intro/The Rise And Fall Of Midian
2. Wych Elm
3. Revenant
4. Ka-tet
5. Lost Tribes Of The Moon
6. Outro/In Search Of A New Midian

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 8, 2018

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