Lords Of The Cemetery - Citipati

Citipati (Sanskrit: चितिपति) is a protector deity or supernatural being in Tibetan Buddhism ... The Citipati is a protector of graveyards and is known as Lord of the Cemetery or Lord of the Crematorium.

As the first doomed riffs emerge from this deathly album, it haunts with a sinister edge that gnaws at your ears despite the beauty of the uplifting tempo, a deep demonical voice bellows “Welcome to my Cemetery!” Straight into ‘Smiling Skeleton’ which is a black metal death warrant when it comes soul searching. It’s a myriad of riffs that cut through the skin like a hot knife and more or less goads the listener with its inane grin – just taunting and teasing with barbarous rhythms and a gnarly black familiar vocal. ‘Citipati’ begins with some organ grinding in familiar black territory. Its epic structure paints a haunting tale as the riffs agitate ferociously with a tempered beat that keeps the track focused. ‘The Charnel Mask’ is but a curl of black smoke that makes its way through the agonizing riffs that protrude from its mighty structure and curses everything in its path. The fast paced rhythmic slurry is mischievous and sneaky. ‘Demonic Appearance’ features on a more metal approach with soaring riffs that make their presence felt. The throaty demonic whisper adds ambiance to the track as it then shows its gaudy black metal side. ‘We are them’ the final track on this short but entertaining album, hosts a plethora of dark resonating sounds before plunging into a very epic swell of imaginative creativity. The angular pulse of rhythms are heartfelt and cut to the bone.

A lot has gone into the making of this album as short as it is the tracks have been condensed and probably because of this the content is more defined. It isn’t ‘just’ black metal – far from it, although obviously there are black metal connotations contained within in it, but it isn’t hard to spot the added benefits of a death metal genre too! It’s packed with delicious riffs and haunting rhythms along with a grand gnarly vocal that compliments the music to the extreme.

  1. Eternal Dance Of Death
  2. Smiling Skeleton
  3. Citipati
  4. The Charnel Mask
  5. Demonic Appearance
  6. We Are Them