Lividity - Perverseverance

Ok you hogs... Take a big breath and let’s sink into this for a while. Hmm… Let’s see what we’ve got... Razor sharp death metal riffs combined with a fat and heavy bass guitar. Sick and relentless drum beats throughout the entire album and some of the most wicked and mentally unstable dual death metal vocals you’ll ever hear. Yep... Lividity is back mofos.

And not only that. In age 2018 they deliver their most complete, brutal and wrathful album in their carreer. 9 years after their latest full length ("To Desecrate And Defile"), without being totally inactive though, having released two split CDs, a live album and two compilations, they strike by melting our faces with this one. What happens to other bands of the genre, doesn’t go for Lividity. That’s something I need to make clear from day one. Most death metal bands go softer as years proceed or go more technical without actually having anything to say. This rule does not apply to these guys here. Their perversion in lyrics and music is there 100%. Disgusting and demented as they were back in 1995. The only thing changed after all this years, is the amount of confidence these guys have.

Yes this is the word to describe this. Confidence. They know they can deliver the sickest and this is just what they do. Raging blast beats combined with double kick drum beats and sometimes just typical 4/4 grooves create a perfect carpet for the guitar sickos to lay their toys on. And what I mean by that? Riffs sickened and demented. Sometimes swirling and others just in your face, uncompromised death metal riffing. Everything aiming in utter brutality here. The bass guitar is simply out of this world. Sounding wonderfully nasty and following the guitar riffs boosting their ferociousness to the next level. Just check at the intro in 'Kill Then Fuck', or the mid part in 'Meat For The Beast'. Damn this is how brutality in death metal is meant to sound.

'Whore Destroyer', 'Violated In The Vatican', 'Something’s Dead', 'Pussy Lover Salvation'. Some of the many odes to perversion this album is made of. The vocals are the so typical Lividity dual vocals, combining brutal growls with shrieks in most of the songs, following the flow of the riffs 100%. Imagine a fine blend of all the above in an album. "Perverseverence" mixes all these moments of sheer ferocity in a cohesive amalgam. The production is helping a lot to their insanity. Fat, loud and dirty as it should be. No crystal clean bullshit here. Everything in the mix is heard loud and clear. All instruments have their own space and nothing hides anything but on the same time, everything sounds together forming a massive wall of sound behind a sooo loveable amount of mud. A vortex ready to devour you.

The final touch to this awesome full length from the ravagers of Illinois, is the cover artwork. Amazing job, consisting "Perverseverence" a must-buy release to the fans of the genre. Sheer death metal perfection from the veterans in perversion... I rest my case...


1. Kill Then Fuck
2. The Pussy Horde
3. Meat For The Beast
4. Cumming With Labial Pulp
5. Whore Destroyer
6. Bitch Cunt Fuck
7. Violated In The Vatican
8. Parasitic Infestation
9. Something's Dead
10. Tampered Flesh
11. Pussy Lover-Salvation
12. Perverseverance