Letargy Dream - Heliopolis

From Russia this is Letargy Dream initially a one man band started by Letarg in 2003 but later evolved into a full band. This is their third full length release with 4 songs and a running time of 50 minutes.

This band has developed their own style of melodic doom metal with a progressive touch. As the cover suggests this band has a futuristic viewpoint which is heard in their sound which is rather mechanical especially the drums. Nevertheless the basis is doom metal with both the heavy riffing and the harmonic guitar melodies. The lyrics are in russian with clean male vocals creating a dark melancholic atmosphere or female desperate screams. The songs are arranged with subtle tempo and mood changes ranging from slow doom to uptempo black/death. On the other hand there is quite some suprises and unexpected breaks, non-standard rhythyms and tempo changes which gives it the progressive vibe. Finishing touch is provided by additional keyboards and clean guitar intermezzos. Interesting release for fans of dark metal in general or progressive doom/death.

1. Saturn
2. We'll Die Smiling Broadly...
3. Heliopolis
4. Prominences
BadMoodMan Music
Reviewer: Nydoom
Sep 15, 2010

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