Letargy Dream - 2

Letargy Dream is Russian trio, built around leader Letarg, who started the project as a one-man band.

Their music is a heavy slab of atmospheric post rock that is seems to be spreading now days. The first song is 19+ minutes monster that takes you from bone crushing and guttural to surprisingly lyrical passages. It has an obligatory and much welcomed Sabbath groove but varies the piece enough to keep you on the edge. ‘New Day will never come” provides a breather in its tiny 7 plus minutes and shows you how to do a doomy ballad. “Uranus” closes the disk with its sombre 23 minutes. Surprisingly pleading, it is a nice way to close an epic look at heavy doom. Recommended!


1. Singularity
2. New Day Will Never Come
3. Uranus

BadMoodMan Music
Reviewer: tonyfan
Oct 5, 2009

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