Lelahell - Alif

Death metal kinda modern but without forgetting its roots to the old school. Technically on occasion but without exaggerations. This is a quick sum up of this second full length of these fine gentlemen from Algeria.

Setting off on the right foot with a groovy intro, Paramnesia breaks the silence giving the album the proper boost needed. Melodic interleaves for the chorus part and some melodic lead breaks, give the song, diversity for not getting boring. Second track underway and the first blastbeats break in. Relentless and rabid succeeded always by grooves before they hit us with ferocious blastbeats again. The Arabic-majestic intro/track that follows sets the path for the fourth track that is based in riffs following Arabian scales.

Yes maybe that's something that should be mentioned above. Lelahell's music is highly influenced by their local musical scales. The Arabic element is present almost everywhere in their music and I think Ribat Essalam is the track that highly represents this element of theirs. Fans of bands as Nile and Melechesh will definitely find these dudes here really interesting. Hearing proceeds and the ferociousness of the Algerians alter with their exotic melodies in a tremendous rate, forming a cohesive product.

What Lelahell managed to do with this second full length of theirs, is to create their own style. A fine blend of death metal based mostly on Arabic scales in guitar. They can be technical in some parts, and in others a bit old school but the most important is that they keep their ferociousness intact in their grooves and their blasts. Production of course helps a lot. Tight and solid. Great job in the mix giving each instrument space to breathe and a great job at mastering bringing this whole effort out loud and fat. All that comes in a really cool layout and artwork making this second full of Lelahell really charming and a MUST have release for the fans of the genre!

1. Paramnesia
2. Ignis Fatuus
3. Thou Shalt Not Kill
4. Ribat Essalem
5. Adam The First
6. The Fifth
7. Insiraf / Martyr
8. Litham (The Reach Of Kal Asuf)
9. Parasits
10. Impunity Of The Mutants

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 19, 2018

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