Lectern - Fratricidal Concelebration

Spewing out metal since 1999 Lectern have now released their newest album "Fracticidal Concelebration" adding to their previous 4 full length albums from 2010, 2014 respectively!

Fratricidal Concelebration – There’s no mistaking the barrage of blast beats that hit the ears as the track opens and this is no exception to the golden rule! It molests in such a way that you feel thoroughly violated!

Labial Of Inveigher – again another track that runs riot, causing a frenzy ‘Labial of Inveigher’ is inescapably engaging as the demonic throes are thrust into the limelight and seethes vengeance.

Genuflect For Baptismal Transubstantiation – this track reaches its goal before it finishes, executing a plethora of vehemence that spreads like wildfire.

Falsifier Bribed In Desanctification – begins with some strange noises that sound like crunching bones! The torturous lures come at you at a rate of knots in ferocious style and contributing to the fracas is a savage vocal attack.

Pulpit Of Tormentation – the anticipation grows as the rabid voice gruffly executes its fiery blaze of indignance while the rancid rhythms perpetuate openly arousing confrontation.

Lordless – The devil is here as it exclaims “My name is legion for we are many” and enough to put the frighteners on you! With intimidating prowess its strong structures mingle with an array of riffs that have a lot to say.

Design of Ceremonier – “Sacrifice of the flesh and now you will drink the blood!” are the words spewed forth from Lectern in the cold, harshness of flexible fingers that make the guitars scream in agony amid a deathly blast beat with vocal confrontation.

Golgothanean – smashes into being with the sound of someone being tortured. It is an epidemic of seething infection that launches itself not only into the audial but also into the flesh and buries deeper with every riff. Is that a whip I hear?

Libidinal Tabernacles – as strange as the title sounds the music is all too familiar as it battles with the ears in an all-out bid for attention. Keeping the listener in a bolt upright position at the swell of rhythms – it is fast and offers an undeniable ‘presence’

If this album does not have you out of breath then you clearly are NOT into death metal played at its finest! The vocals alone are enough to scare you shitless! The sampled voices actually have meaning and adds to the tracks in abundance and not just some random babble either, which is superb! The music holds torrential rewards that provide instant imagination and are an engaging encounter to the death metal ear!

This is one ravenous album that will eat you alive!

  1. Fratricidal Concelebration
  2. Labial Of Inveigher
  3. Genuflect For Baptismal Transubstantiation
  4. Falsifier Bribed In Desanctification
  5. Pulpit Of Tormentation
  6. Lordless
  7. Design Of Ceremonier
  8. Golgothanean
  9. Libidinal Tabernacles