Last Days Of Humanity - The XTC Of Swallowing LDOH Feaces

Besides the windmills and the weed Holland is famous for their gore grind bands. The topband LDOH is now releasing their 3rd album and a live one. So be prepared for the massacre with the utter fast drums, razoring guitars and the insane vocals. 27 Songs that will make your nuts swing from left to right. After the intro (longest song on the disc) the rottingness begins. Good and massive sound. For goregrind addicts this album is a fucking must. Hurry to the store.

1. Zombie interlude
2. Excremental mess of fecal putrilage
3. 138 min. body disposal
4. Slithered limbs
5. Gruesome face decapitation
6. Fermented gut burst
7. Sounds of rancid juices slashing around in your coffin
8. Chopped up face beyond recognition
9. Orgasmic abortion
10. Ulcerated offal
11. Lugubrious genital miscreation
12. Erosed int. purulency
13. Exposed mangled orifice
14. Entangled in septic gore
15. 48th cut
16. Excremental carnage
17. Decrepitated regurgitations in foetal leprosy
18. Carnal thrash
19. Effective impalement
20. Hacked into red mush
21. Xtc of swallowing torso feaces
22. A reeking pile of septic brainfluid
23. Grume collection of bodyparts
24. Rukkende mus
25. Necrotic eruption
26. Septic convulsion
27. Born to murder the world

Bones Brigade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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