Last Days of Humanity - In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions

In between of all goregrind acts of nowadays L.D.O.H. (Netherlands) once again prove to be one of the extremests bands in this genre. This Mini CD containes 10 tracks in 10 minutes featuring all the sickness necessary: drums hyperspeed blasting almost all the time (just a few breaks), low straightforward massive guitars, heavily distorted bass, 3 layers of pitchshifted vocals, crazy intros and the usual insane songtitles. Only for the ultra-sick!....

1. A portion of pulpified leftovers
2. Fungating sexual orifice
3. Multiple & increased lividious layers of skin
4. In advanced haemorrhaging conditions
5. Prefering acidous formats of discharge
6. Fluidfilled contents exposed from the abdominal dysfunctioning section
7. Obscene compulsion towards fecal digestion
8. Frozen remnants collection
9. Suppurated secretiob through gestation
10. Oozing saprogenic scrotal liquids

Bones Brigade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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