Laetitia In Holocaust - The Tortoise Boat

To start I will state that this is a very unique outfit. Laetitia In Holocaust is the first band whom I have come across who does not accept friends on their MySpace. They are also very vague as to the names of the band's members which are displayed as: S.: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and does all the programming + N.: who does bass and guitars.

Well we do know that they hail out from Italy and that they are unsigned. The music found on "The Tortoise Boat" is also very unique and seems to have various musical influences mixed into a base of what can be termed as primal black metal. As per the band's MySpace page they list themselves under easy listening and healing music catagories.. well to some extent the tracks found on "The Tortoise Boat" are easy on the ears and can be healing in affect as to easing ones nerves after a long hard day. I like the fantasy feel of these tracks, featuring happy yet creepy melodies which could have only come out of one's twisted nightmares. I really love the twang and jingling of some of the picked guitar riff tones, lending almost a Middle Eastern sound to the mood yet still making use of some classic sounding black metal riffs. The vocals are haunted and deep in growl with non of the usual black metal screams.

This album brings you back to another place and time or can make one feel as though you are viewing the world through a paralell dimension. What makes the sound of this album so unique besides the above stated is the low sound volume and the fact that none of the instruments and vocals are in sync but somehow it all seems to work in a disturbing atypical way. I do like this albumĀ  and will personally catagorize it as black metal jazz and give Laetitia In Holocaust an applaud for daring to be different, this gets my rating of 3/5 and I do recomment the reader checking this out but be warned not to expect the expected with it comes to basic black metal standards ok.

1. Hair is the salt of Carthago
2. Descent
3. The gift of fury
4. Hissing through the veins of the gods
5. A gesture before you enter the darkness
6. Immanence and illumination

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 27, 2009

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