Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet

This wasn't well received by me at the first few listens to except for till I switched to a digitally downloaded copy I put on my Spotify. "The Vulture's Amulet" by Lady Beast is about 40 minutes in length and every song (I think) is good! The music and the vocals were the highlights, absolutely. It's a really enjoyable heavy metal album. Their vocalist sings like a power metal vocalist sings, but it's a female making the effort. She does a good job here and this band is actually a 5-piece. I have not heard their previous album, but I'm sure it's pretty good as well. But let's talk a little bit about the album itself here now.

The tempos are not fast, there's a certain vibe or groove to the guitars which differentiates itself from other heavy metal bands mainly the riffs. A lot of melodic guitars. And catchy! Very well composed. I like the whole album because of this. The music and vocals are the exceptionally orchestrated. The musicianship is quite good. They really know how to kick ass! Nothing stale or stagnant the whole way through. The only thing that I took some points off for was the production quality. That's my only beef with the album. But yeah, the music makes up for this vice on the recording.

Some good tracks to check out are 'The Gift' and the title-track. Those are some of my favorites. But yes, the vocals made the guitars shine. The whole essence of the band is amazing and they really know how to make quality metal. The leads were OK, but I mostly paid attention to the rhythm guitar. The melodic riffs and the rhythm guitar of them in some songs give it more heavy sounds. They were able to blend the two together and make some excellent compositions. I cannot say that anything was immaculate, just the whole aura of the album was sort of dark, except when you hear those melodic guitars.

You don't have to buy the CD, but check the songs I mentioned on YouTube because they were as I said a couple of my favorites. All of the songs can be downloaded like I did on Spotify and listened to through that avenue. You can purchase the digital downloads if you want to show your support for the band. This act should stay around a long time because they have a lot to offer in the heavy metal genre. Very talented and original, the music did it for me the whole time, same with the vocals. I believe that they had one track that was an instrumental but it was still good. Check them out!


1. Metal Machine
2. Runes Of Rust
3. The Gift
4. Sacrifice To The Unseen
5. Betrayer
6. The Champion
7. Transcend The Blade
8. The Vulture's Amulet
9. Vow Of The Valkyrie