Lacuna Coil - Delirium

I cannot see why this album scored so low in the charts. It's ridiculous, 'Delirium' is a gem of a release and my favorite Lacuna Coil release. Yes, it's more rock than metal, but that doesn't mean that their "concept" album is a complete waste. It's absolutely awesome. Sure the tempos throughout the whole release is slow, but the vocals and the music were the highlights. I could get into the lyrics as well. It's cool how they actually wrote this about a sanitarium in Italy, but I don't know how much of it was true. Nevertheless, they're still kicking ass as a band though their musical style has changed. I actually like them more now then as an alternative metal act.

It's Cristina's voice that I absolutely love, the male vocals give the album more variety and intensity. But the female vocals are so angelic makes the music more palatable. The music is slow, but back and forth between male and female vocals are the Eisenstein joy of the record. The words go well with the audio. They just augment it. And I thought this release was well thought out. The words reflect deeply disturbed mental patients that possibly once lived which is where they got the ideas of how to construct concepts within disturbed and untreated ill individuals. The trade-offs between the vocals gives me chills.

Even though it seems musically that the album doesn't change much, though the lead guitar is fiery. I'll admit that, the slow paced rhythms fit the vocals really well. The concept that were trying to achieve have achieved it on here. Just because it's not as rigorous musically, it's still somewhat heavy. "Ghost in the Mist" is one of my favorite tracks on here. But all the songs blow me away. It's a shame that not many people wrote about this or thought highly of it. I wish their was some justice done for this release. But I'm writing this to give it at least a "B" rating. These Lacuna Coil fans shouldn't put this one so down.

I was just so sick about this release getting such poor ratings when the band did so well in my ears and eyes so let that be said and read. These guys busted their butt to write an original release that went viral in 2016. Upon release, I have never stopped liking this album. I thought every track was worthy of mention and worthy of praise. They did their research on the mentally ill and sanitariums in Italy then to write about it brought even more magic. Their songs on here will never die and the gauntlet has been thrown and the faculty of answers had answered this one people not liking or liking it doesn't matter. They stayed true to this intellectual faculties.

  1. The House Of Shame
  2. Broken Things
  3. Delirium
  4. Blood, Tears, Dust
  5. Downfall
  6. Take Me Home
  7. You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You
  8. Ghost In The Mist
  9. My Demons
  10. Claustrophobia
  11. Ultima Ratio