La Bad Taste - La Bad Taste

This band comes from Germany and makes music that carry influences from punk, metal, grind, hardcore, oi etc. Everything DIY but with great enthousiasm. Lyrically it deals with everything from porno, posers, comic figures. Yes even a song about comic hero Wickie. Man I wachted that a lot in my youth. Great. Although they don't take themselves serious and don't have the will to sell 1 copy of the tape (hahaha) they have some nice songs and ideas. The only thing I think is that they go too many sidepaths to get a good idea of what they want.

1. Poser metal
2. Analyse
3. Verzinktes arschloch
4. Mad durst
5. Toted e s
6. Spritzhalz
7. Batman
8. Voll versoicht
9. Back from the dead
10. SS-kaliert
11. PC
12. Etah
13. Wickie

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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