L Sol Tace - The Carcass Of Eternity

It certainly has been a while since I have reviewed L Sol Tace which was back in 2011 when the band had a slightly different line-up. Now after a long and exhausting struggle to find the right man for the job they have added on Lead Guitar - Sy Taplin and replaced Neal Hester for Brian Granahan on Bass L Sol Tace is poised and ready to pulverise yet again with their new debut album “The Carcass Of Eternity” released through Terrorizer Magazine on the 18th April 2013.

It is also worth noting here that Sam Wallace the band’s frenzied extraordinaire on the frets actually donated half of his long and luscious locks to the Little Princess Charity in February that offers wigs for children who have suffered hair loss through having cancer treatment and raised a massive 805.00, proving that Sam Wallace has a heart of gold. (I always knew Sam was a winner from when I first heard L Sol Tace back in 2011 and now it has well and truly been confirmed – Sam so proud of you!)

Despite crying when watching the video I still admire Sam so much – he is a legend and I am sure the kids at the Little Princess Trust agree!

The fabulous artwork for the new album cover has been created by none other than Anton Swann the man behind the mighty voice of L Sol Tace. It is a very sophisticated design with an eye catching symbol above a human form offering clever use of light.

The Void Of God
A nice virile start to the proceedings as Anton’s growls reverberates from the speakers amid some chunky guitar riffs and up tempo drumming. A dizzying array of sound just conquers splitting your ear-drums into the bargain. If this doesn’t get the hair flying I don’t know what will.

Darkly inspiring and indeed heavy this track has brooding quality as well as ambient rhythmic superiority. The characteristics are superb and offer slamming bludgeoning beats, total guttural destruction and effortless guitar that will manipulate you in such a way you won’t know if you are coming or going, with so much to feast your ears upon in particular those guitars! Amazing!

Superb “chugger” this! That will batter the audial canal to a pulp! Blistering grooves and feisty blast beats will smash your skull like a hammer to an orange with just as much ease. Absurdly heavy and scathing with vocals that attack like a snarling Rottweiler – pure class!

Mistress Of The Sun
A more haunting track from the band incorporating a soft vocal and rhythmic strings, that is until it suddenly rips into a staggering and momentous cacophony of scathing riffs. Neatly structured and executed with clear and precise razor sharp riffing and damming in delivery. Slowing again to put forth its more mellow attributes this track is an array of beauty and has a lot to say for it-self.

Heavy metal riffage with soft growling guttural secretions that builds into a melting pot of molten lava and the high quality guitar work will seriously induce involuntary head banging here. I didn’t notice I was shaking my head until a moment ago as the vicious grooves just powerfully embraced me – a really good track with a lot of bite.

Army Of Darkness
A great way to begin proceedings with plundering beats and crushing rhythms that really explode but never far away from that superb melodic groove. The bass hooks are solid and vengeful and along with the vocals still reminiscent of a snarling Rottweiler just breathe life into the track with heaps of superiority.

Sinners Game
Full of groove based guitar work with guttural growls combine very nicely add in a strong bass line and bludgeoning beats and you have your Christmas and Birthday all at once! The induced head banging begins all over again!

Great title and superb opening with fast, furious pummelling and riffing galore with great rhythmic assault this has more bite than a deadly snake sticking its fangs into your flesh. This track is truly amazing it never loses its edge for a second and although the band is on familiar territory – it is still a good hearty metal track that leaves its imprint!

This track has a very earthy feel to it in other words very black with brooding vocals, slow and yet it still never loses its hard disturbing edge. Still well balanced and although you can’t really move to the indulgent rhythms head-wise it does prove that L Sol Tace are diverse and are not all one way. This possesses an ambiance all its own and a good strong track to boot!

The UK is a hot bed of exciting and unsigned talent and – L Sol Tace are just one such unsigned band, (Yes UNSIGNED can you believe that?) having gained a substantial following of 2,931 fans on Facebook, 575 on Myspace and 4,086 on Reverbnation and ranking 12th.  I feel their popularity is going to rise once people hear this superb 9 track album. So make sure you get Terrorizer Magazine on the 18th April just for this superb Album alone!

There is a lot of charisma in L Sol Tace’s music it keeps you gripped from start to finish so there is never a dull moment! Cold precision is executed through-out its 9 blistering tracks and the riffing will evidently smack you around the head as soon as you press the play on your iPod or whatever it is you are using. Maybe I am biased here but I don’t give a fuck! I know what is great and L Sol Tace will always hit the grade! I am hooked! Roll on 18th April!!!! This is definitely one to watch for!

1. The Void Of God
2. Fall
3. Afterlife
4. Mistress Of The Sun
5. Rise
6. Army Of Darkness
7. Sinners Game
8. Decevil
9. Skin
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Mar 14, 2013

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