Kyterion – Inferno I

Hailing from Bologna, Italy this black metal band was founded in 2015 and now they have released their first album “Inferno I” through Subsound Records.

If you’ve ever wondered how Dimmu Borgir, Emperor or Cradle Of Filth would sound without keyboards then look no further. The band lists Marduk,  Emperor, Burzum, Mayhem and Abigor as influences. To me the mentioning of Emperor makes sense, but I also hear strong Dimmu Borgir influences and also some Cradle Of Filth and Thy Primordial.

The vocals have the same parlando timing as Shagrath or Dani Filth, but sound wise they’re less over the top.

Production and playing is tight. And the riffs and songs are well written. Very melodic but also fast and brutal. Excellent record!

  1. L'etterno Dolore
  2. Tra La Perduta Gente
  3. L'acheronte
  4. Caron Dimonio
  5. Limbo
  6. La Selva De' Suicidi
  7. Le Brutte Arpie
  8. Gerione
  9. Faticoso Manto
  10. Lo 'Mperador Del Doloroso Regno