King Heavy - Guardian Demons

King Heavy’s new release “Guardian Demons”, is one of those releases that, seemingly, lures you in at the beginning, and doesn’t let go until the end. However, even after it’s over, what you will hear and experience with this release will stay with you for an eternity. This particular release was my introduction to the band, and while I have always had a high respect for this genre, King Heavy have just given me a new appreciation for this type of music. The riffs start out nice and gritty with a bottom heavy vibe giving them that all too glorious doom metal feel. Yes, they are quite dark as they take you back to the early days of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus. Epic and bombastic in their presentation as if they are the very soundtrack that accompanies the sermon to the downfall of mankind. There is also the classic heavy metal feel as well, but the predominant darkness consumes all on the path to metal glory.

The drums are pretty standard but sound choppy at times causing an ever so slight hiccup in the fluency. It’s not really noticeable unless you’re listening intently. I just happen to be sensitive to some of these details. The pace is like that of a funeral march to one’s destiny. The very heartbeat of desolation that, somehow, finds a way to keep going. The mixing of the bass is rather nice on this release as it adds substance to an already overflowing cup. Seriously folks, from a musical aspect, this CD feels like it is coming at you from all sides, and when you add the bass, you have a true blessing from the metal gods!

When you add the vocals, the end result is a release that you can hold close to your hearts because it is one that is true to form with a traditional, yet, unique approach. If you mixed vocals from Candlemass, Iron Maiden, and Cathedral, you’ll come close to what you have here. This release is highly recommended for all metal heads young and old. King Heavy is a band that you can put your trust and faith in for they fly the flag of metal high and proud.

  1. Guardian Demons
  2. (Death Is But An Extreme Form Of) Narcosis
  3. Doom Shall Rise
  4. Cult Of The Cloven Hoof
  5. Come My Disciples
  6. As In A Nightmare