Kimura - Chaos Falls Like Rain

Kimura have had this current line-up for two years now constantly playing gigs and writing new material. This latest single release marks the start of Kimura getting into the studio and putting everything that has been written out there for people to listen to and hopefully enjoy!

Having seen Callum (vocals) and Alex (drums) play in their earlier band Bring The Rain at the Zanzibar in October 2011, I was more than surprised to hear the changes that the band have now created. It still holds that funky vibe but they have gone for a more brutal/catchy approach. Whether the band still play Colman’s Mustard and 10 lb baby I have no idea, but their new single 'Chaos Falls Like Rain' is pretty powerful stuff!

Fuelled with unyielding chugging aggression and malice it makes a superb impression. The viciousness exudes from each gnarly riff and benevolent beat it can muster. Callum’s vocals have come a long way since the early days as you would expect. Now being a very distinct vocal that incorporates two styles: a devilish metal rap and harsh scathing clean vocal and both are equally impressive.

Nothing has been diluted, so what you get is the track in its full raw glory that examines a deep groove, mesmerising hooks and colossal vocal stampede. It is a full-on metal assault that goes on delivering as it devours with rousing ferocity. Holding just enough addiction to warrant further playing, that goes without saying!

The razor like moments are intensified with lively sparks of heavy unadulterated savagery that feast hungrily on Infectious riffs wrapping themselves around the audial like a spiked blanket, while the bass licks with undeniable venomous rhythm, justifying that catchiness need not get in the way of brutality and can live quite happily side by side.

Virulent with lots of creative imagination it oozes toxicity from every pore, Kimura have ticked all the boxes with this single track, so if you like your metal potent, infectious and scathing you have come to the right place!

  1. Chaos Falls Like Rain

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Aug 23, 2016

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