Kiju - Nothing To Play For

Debut CD of Kiju, a neurotic mixture of hardcore and thrash. Heavy guitarriffing with a few leads, the rough screamy vocals and the hardhitting drums with double bass blasts. A massive wall of sound is created by this quintet. The songs are not only stamping but there are some clean and slower parts build in. Tracks 5 and 10 are delicious pieces of aggression and my fav tracks. This album can reach the hardore and metal scene so be sure you heard it once, at least.

1. Nothing to play for
2. Y (chromosome)
3. Discipline
4. Switch off
5. What do you want
6. Truck
7. Reinforced concrete
8. Ki(ll)ju
9. Out of control
10. WWWW (filthy screen)
11. Paving of worms
Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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