Kernel - Servant Of God

This is the debut album from Italian thrashers KERNEL - and they seem to be off to a solid start. Looking at the album title, you'd be forgiven for expecting christian rock but what we have here is a devoted tribute to all things thrashing; we have hoarse shouted vocals (somewhere in pitch between Max Cavalera and Mille Petrozza), speedy and chuggy riffs, some great guitar solos and lots of fast-paced, pounding drums. It's like the last 15 years or so never happened - this album reminds me very much of bands like DEATH ANGEL, OVERKILL and in particular NUCLEAR ASSAULT, with a large dose of BIOHAZARD-style hardcore. KERNEL are not afraid to change pace every now and then, and even have an acoustic intro to `Burn World'.

There is a lot I should like about this album, but for some reason it doesn't excite me all that much - it could be the rather flat production (which is pretty authentic to a lot of thrash albums from the late 80's/early 90's!), or maybe the length of songs - some of the songs seem to lack energy somehow, despite the quick pace and thrashing riffs.

Like a lot of Italian metal bands before them, KERNEL mangle the English language in a rather entertaining way (although I'm sure I could mangle Italian in a much worse fashion) but have also written two tracks in their native tongue - 'Falsi Liberi' being the best, punchiest song on the album in my opinion.

All in all this is a good solid debut - not that exciting for a thrash album, but there is still a lot to enjoy here.

1. Child
2. Falsi Liberi
3. Servent Of God
4. Back To The Violence
5. Burn World
6. Charity
7. Rebel Yourself
8. Il Mio Destino
9. Rage And Destroy
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 27, 2009
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