Karna - Raven

Karna is an indepth black metal atmospheric chaotic project which has no substantial history, no consistant line-up and does not preform live, hell who ever collaborates on this does not even attend a band rehearsal, like I said total chaos but is works. This entity known as Karna used to be known under the guise of Moriturus, in all this project has been ongoing for the past 13 years living in a state of coma and fog only emerging to bring to life a new album every now and then. The members who appear on Raven are: Horth: Vocals/Synths/Programming/Noise, Kruxx: Vocals/Guitars/Bass and Kjetthaar: Bass/Noise. "Raven" is the 8th album born from this ongoing project.

Well Karna cetainly is an atypical creation and continues to be so with this release. Within the dimentions of "Raven" you will find a chilling, racing yet calm atmosphere, very moody being both uplifting and depression. True meloncholy laced with an evil haunting is what you will find and feel here. This album is extremely well put together with alot of emotion, intelligence and creative thought put into it's creation. The individuals who appear on this work are awesome musicial inventors and this is a piece of work worth mentionning and recommending to anyone who can appreciate meaningful instrumental and atmospheric music. This is mature black metal at it's most unholy. No need for creepy vocals or howling screetches with deafining riffs, this is finely tuned, intellectually spawned blasphemy at it's peak. "Raven" is well calculated in eachof it's tracks execution nothing is done by fluke. Unexpected twists and changes within the sound and structures throughout each track, paralysing it's listener to bring them into another dimention and journey through the deep depts of mind, ripping your soul from you and bringing you face to face with Chronozon well that is if you dare enter into the realm of Karna's creative journey titled: "Raven".

I cannot give this Luciferic master piece anything less than the full 5 stars. If you want an album that will make you think, open your mind and guide you into the abyss to meet and conquor your demons then this one is definatly for you.

1. Raven
2. In The Darkness
3. Wings Are Cutting Air
4. Above The Abyss
5. Dances Of The Dead
6. The Oblivion

Eternal Pride
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 24, 2010

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